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Why people believe in us

Since over 30 years, Allied Informatics has had the pleasure of helping businesses and organizations of a vast scale and structure. Helping them modernize, transform and achieve scalable solutions over a wide area of aspects, we have become a leader in IT Consulting firms. We have acquired precious knowledge in solving any IT challenges by providing customized services to highly demanding projects. With impactful consulting that directly relies on the communication between your clients and your company, we will carefully analyze your performance and resolve your challenges. To help you propel your business forward, we will provide you with a technological roadmap that ensures uninterrupted support in the critical aspects of your business. Through rewarding quality management systems, we ensure that you have fast development and 100% application stability at all times.


What We Do

Staffing & Consulting

At Allied Informatics, we understand the importance behind finding the right set of skill that is directly privy to the success of your business. One cannot agree more with the fact that it can sometimes be difficult to find the right people. Fortunately for you, we have a workforce that is trained and instructed to carry out this single task.

Artificial intelligence

Allied Informatics also enables companies to unleash their true potential through data-driven and artificial intelligence driven solutions to stay afloat in the cut-throat marketspace of today. We use a sequence of systems to watch, comprehend, learn and act enabling humans to produce more efficient outcomes.

Application Development

We have in-house technology experts with countless years of unchallengeable experience in delivering seamless, intuitive and smart applications that are customized for maximum efficiency of your business. With a spurt in mobile applications, it is only coherent to have a personalized ‘app’ for your business.

"Allied Informatics measures the success of a project based upon OUR CLIENT’s satisfaction with our delivery"